MCC prepares for summer bridge program

Meridian Community College is offering a new program for students that scored below a 17 on their ACT and is designed to get them prepped in those sometimes difficult Math and English areas just in time for the fall semester.

 “Nobody likes to write, and sometimes those grammar rules, spelling rules, and punctuation rules can be very pesky, and so it’s easy not to do as well,” said  Lowell Martin, student success director.

“A lot of students: math is one of their low points, so we’re very excited about them being able to come in and reach college Algebra,” said Candace Reiner division chair.

Students will meet four hours for English and four hours for math, Monday through Thursday for two weeks.

“We’ll be doing two paragraphs and four essays, and then if they can make at least a 70 on the material, they will be able to go directly into comp-one,” said Lowell Martin, student success director.


“Those students will come in and get an intensive study of intermediate Algebra approximately 60 topics; they’ll be quizzed and tested on that,” said Candace Reiner division chair.

Campus staff say many students are already registered for the program.

“As of right now, we have 20 students who have signed up to take the English portion of the bridge program hopefully they’ll all show up,” said Lowell Martin, student success director.

“We’re nervous about it, but we’re excited to be able to offer the service to our community,“ said Reiner.

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