Lauderdale County election officers train poll workers


The Lauderdale County Circuit clerk’s office and election commissioners trained poll workers for the upcoming August election.


“We make sure we go over every detail, so that when the day comes they’ll know what’s going on,” said Chuck Overby, district one elec. Commissioner.


The poll training lasted for two hours, workers learned procedures on how to open and close polls and how the voting machines operate.


“We want them to be confident and physically able because it’s a long day; about 14 to 15 hours that they’ll be at the poll. Of course, they get a lunch break and a break in the morning and in the afternoon.” said Chuck Overby, district one elec. Commissioner.


“Mostly what happens between 7AM and 7PM we’ve got things that benefit the voter it educates the voter by having these poll workers educated and very seasoned,” said Donna Jill Johnson,Lauderdale County circuit clerk.


Election officials hire candidates they feel are most suitable for the job.


“We want them to be a registered voter, and we want them to be of course confident, able to learn and to pick up on things and we want them to care about what’s going on.” said Chuck Overby, district one elec. Commissioner.


Brenda Coleman has been a poll worker in Lauderdale County for two years says the trainings aren’t difficult to understand.


“The training is very informative, I like the way that the different election commissioners take part and explain, it helps you to know exactly what you need to do exactly which envelopes should be used for which item and it helps me to be prepared for election,” said Coleman.


Her role to serve the public is what brings her back every year.


“It’s patriotic and we’re very patriotic here and just to help people do something that a lot of people in the world don’t have that opportunity to do,” Coleman said.

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