Al's Garden & Gift gives tips on summer gardening




Mississippi summers show no mercy when it comes to the outdoors, but Al’s Garden & Gift owner Al Davis said there are some ways to keep a lawn hydrated during these brutal months. "If you water it a couple times a week real heavy instead of every day, then it'll make it soak down real deep and the roots will go deeper in the ground. So, when it gets real hot and dry, your grass will grow a lot better and stay away from getting drought damage,” said Davis.

With summer bringing the heat, it also brings vacations, and Davis said there are ways to keep your plants and grass alive, even when out of town. “Sometimes, putting saucers underneath your plants, like on your patio, if you have some clear saucers, trays, or anything that’ll hold water—sit your plants in them and fill them up with water,” said Davis. “That’ll get you through the week while you’re gone out of town. Get your neighbors to come water for you if you can. Your yard, if you’ll water it really heavy before you leave, then it should be fine for the week while you’re gone.”

The evening brings slightly lower temperatures, but this doesn’t mean it’s a good time to water. “You don’t want to water your lawn late in the evening because by doing that it stays wet all night long, which can create fungus and disease. You want to water your lawn, vegetables, shrubs, and trees in the early in the mornings real heavy instead of late in the evening, that way it’s not wet at nighttime,” said Davis. Al’s Garden & Gift is open Monday- Friday, 8am until 5pm and Saturday from 8am until 2pm.




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