Cincinnati Bengals Damion Willis speaks at The Carter Foundation scholarship banquet


The Carter Foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches youth how to be productive and teaches them how to stay out of trouble.

“We started The Carter Foundation in 2014 in response to the numbers of violence that was committed by the youth and we wanted to kind of give the kids an alternative other than gangs and violence and crimes,” said James Carter.


The Carter Foundation motivates students to pursue higher education; and to carry out that goal; this year, the organization gave away $3,000 in scholarships.

“Each kid in the program, they have to commit at least 30 to 40 community volunteer hours with community local community partners in order to receive a Carter Foundation Scholarship they have to have a thousand community service volunteer hours,” said James Carter.

 Recent NFL Cincinnati Bengal's draft Damion Willis shared how rewarding college can be when funded by grants or aid.


“If you’re on a scholarship even if you’re not on the scholarship is always keep your grades up because if you’re on a scholarship, and you have bad grades or continue to have bad grades, you can get taken off you’re scholarship, and that’s going to be a negative effect on not only you but also on to your family because your family now has to pay for college,” said Damion Willis

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver

Ambassadors with The Carter Foundation found Willis' message to be encouraging.

“I play sports, so I’m going to let that help me," said Dennis Heidelberg.

“You don’t want to be out with a bunch of people with good grades, and you’re the one with bad grades, so you just make sure you keep up with your stuff and help your person out,” said Jameion Carter.






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