City of Quitman promotes health and wellness

The City of Quitman,Miss is focusing on promoting health and wellness and is in the process of receiving $50,000 from the Mississippi Blue Cross, Blue Shield.

 “You have to fill out a bunch of paperwork, one of the things you have to do. They’re going to bring down professional photographers, and it’ll go through our team: then it’ll also go through our city to see all of the things we’ve done, and it’ll take pictures of that, then we’ll sign an agreement and then they’ll do an electronic transfer for the $50,00 into our account,” said Mayor Eddie Fulton.


The money will help the city spread more awareness about healthy living.


“Our goal is to have people eat healthily, and if you have to buy fresh vegetables, it’s expensive, and so we’re trying to get as many gardens in town as you can get to get healthy food for our people,” said Mayor Eddie Fulton


In addition to spending the fifty-thousand dollars, gym equipment will also be purchased.


“We’ll buy for pieces of physical fitness equipment; we’ll buy two-two thousand bicycles that will record your mileage and allow you to look at the landscape of Paris from the coast whatever you want to put in there; you’re riding your bike, you’re looking at what your scenery is,” said Mayor Eddie Fulton.

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