MAX reflecting on first year, hoping to reach bus fund goal for school groups




The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience has had a successful first year, but they’re hoping to provide more for local students. “It just gives a whole new cultural view of Mississippi. It also has given us, you know, when we have family come in from out of town, a nice place to bring them that gives them a good view of Mississippi,” said a counselor at Ross Collins, Nicole Worthy, who brings her daughter regularly.

CEO Mark Tullos hopes to keep the momentum of the first year going. “The first few months of summer of course were pretty heavy because we had just open, we were the new kid on the block. It gradually started to climb, but it really peaked when we had Henson open in January of this year. We’re hoping to keep that plateau going,” said Tullos. In keeping this plateau going, the MAX wants to provide transportation to students in need. “One of the biggest challenges for public schools, and, in particular, in Meridian, is transportation. So, we’re trying to overcome that. We got a generous gift recently for a bus fund to help assist lower-income schools to get to us. We’re hoping to see that more and more across the state.”

Worthy says museums like the MAX are crucial for a child’s education. “We have a rich history in art, literature, drama, and all of those things. It’s just a great place where they can experience that and see where it can take them and see the lives of other people as well.” They currently $7,000 in their bus fund and hope to raise nearly $50,000 to be able to advertise to local and state-wide school groups. 


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