Meridian Community College has final day of STEAM camp


Today, was the last day for Meridian Community College's steam camp which stands for science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.


Several students in the marine biology course enjoyed their final class session with their instructor.


 All week, students have been learning about water quality, isolating bacteria, and sea Life.


 The last two days of class ended with students learning how to scuba dive, students geared up and got the feel for what it takes to be a marine biologist.


"A marine biologist, they’re going have to be in the aquatic environment so we get them exposure to scuba, we put them on the equipment because we have it here at MCC, we teach scuba diving here, it allows them to get in the pool, it teachers them some of the basic techniques, some of the basic learn to procedures and on the first day they stay on the shallow end and on the second day we put them in the deep part of the pool.” Said Dr. Bob Sample, instructor.


Students also learned how to use hands and arm signals as a way of communication while swimming under water allowing them to have an entry-level understanding of scuba diving.

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