City of Meridian will host the second year of Juneteenth


On Saturday June 22nd at 4PM outside Meridian City Hall, there will be the second Annual Juneteenth Celebration, a festival held in southern states that commemorates emancipation from slavery.

“When we open up the festival with those songs of freedom and dance of freedom, it’s giving a brief history of when the emancipation of proclamation happened many of the slaves who were in the Texas area that moved back towards the west, these people went directly to the church to celebrate that freedom, to sing songs of freedom and dance.” Said Terrence Davis, cultural affairs assistant.


This is the second year for the city to host the festival and Davis says this year’s theme is acknowledging African-American entrepreneurship in Meridian.

“This year’s theme is celebrating the liberation of black businesses and we know that the black business district in Meridian in the history district is huge and was very vibrant at one time” Said Terrence Davis, cultural affairs assistant.

Davis says the city strives to preserve the African-American history of Meridian.

“A lot of history that has shaped a lot of things in our culture as well as civil rights, I mean we have The Civil Rights Trail that is here that’s really in Meridian as well as Mr. James Chaney whose really huge in Meridian and to have this happening in Meridian on City Hall lawn and on time such as what we’re moving into.” Said Terrence Davis, cultural affairs assistant.


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