High school juniors and seniors learn how to land a job


The Women and Children Workforce Development hosted a job fair at the Tommy Dulaney Center to help high school juniors, seniors and post graduates learn skills to pass interviews.

“Resume building, being able to prepare themselves for entry level testing for many of the jobs that will be available to them.” Said Eric Dickey.


Mayor Percy Bland see’s the importance for having workshop training aimed towards younger crowds.


“Anytime you have juniors and seniors in your community to get a chance and be able to come out and get prepared for jobs, get the skills that they can take to interview to learn how to handle conduct dress for job opportunities, it’s a win-win not just for them but to this community to business owners that are going to hire them.” Said Mayor Percy Bland, City of Meridian.


The young adults themselves were taught about several disciplines that they now will carry in life.          

“So far, we learned how to dress for a job, we learned how to talk to the people, we learned how to basically communicate what not to do, what to do everything that’s basic training basic rules.” Said CJ Owens,11th Grade Student


Several career seekers are hunting for jobs in varied professions.

“My plans for this summer are to right now just currently find a job, right now I’m working at McDonalds and I’m also a member of the Mississippi National Guard, and I plan on furthering my career in the Mississippi National guard as well.” Said Perryon Mcclellane,job seeker.

Students on site were able to learn about possible trades to earn an income.

“I like to teach the fundamentals of barbering, I like to teach the professionalism, I like to teach just a being a well-rounded person.” Said, Arlanders Marscell Cole, Sr
Cole's Barbershop owner.

Recruiters find this is an easier way to get to know the many faces for the many applicants searching for a job.

“They did a real good job at preparing us for this little job fair that we have, and it actually turned out really good. We hired several young up and coming frosty employees.” Said James Reed, Wendy's district manager.

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