Seventh annual Chunky River Raft Race happens this weekend




For seven years, The Chunky River Raft Race Festival has been put on to support a good cause.


“We do it for Alzheimer’s our mother had Alzheimer’s we were not aware of what to expect so we do this every year to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s” Said Rick Lewis, Chunky Shoals Fish Camp owner

With the festival only days away, organizers with The Chunky River Fish Camp are adding finishing touches.

“The race is basically a 5k, five kilometers three point three miles, it’s going to take kayaks 30 minutes, if they’re racing and you’re enjoying the float, like a lot of people it may take you an hour to two hours, but people have fun, the rafts are different it’s going to take at least three hours.” Said Rick Lewis, Chunky Shoals Fish Camp owner


Contestants travel far to enter the race and show off their raft designs.

“We have rafts that come out, they come out from all the way in Jackson, Hattiesburg, they come, and they bring in rafts and we’ve had some really cool rafts, we’ve had the grannies out there, we’ve had the river rats come out; every year it’s just something that surprises us.” Said Rick Lewis, Chunky Shoals Fish Camp owner

Taking home, the grand prize is why most contestants participate.

“The most creative raft gets a two-hundred-dollar cash prize as well as our largest most premier trophy.” Said Rick Lewis, Chunky Shoals Fish Camp owner

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