Two Veterans share why Memorial Day is important.

Memorial Day is observance for all men and women who sacrificed for this county and is more than just bringing out the charcoal and grill to most veterans. 

“Memorial Day to me is honoring those that gave all; though some gave all, all gave some. Memorial Day is especially for those who gave it all to realize and represent their families and respect to their families for the service that they gave.” Said Robert Barfield,Senior Vice Commandant.


Two African-American Marine veterans share why they are thankful for Memorial Day being a day designated for the nation to come together and celebrate the freedom and other privileges  we have and the lives that were lost by doing so.

"Most people don’t realize why they're able to do what they do, it’s because of things that has happened in the past and things that are happening now, where people are overseas, people are in the state protecting them, so we have that freedom to go out and barbecue.” Said Robert Barfield,Senior Vice Commandant.


Both Veterans say, freedom shouldn't be taken for granted and reflect back on the era when they first signed up in the service.

“It was difficult at times, but I’m a firm believer in that I’m going to do my job and I’m just as equal as anyone else, so I’m going to do my job. I’m going to belong to the union and therefore people will accept you.” Said   Virgil Cole, Commandant.

“I was trying to order a sandwich after I had volunteered for the Marine Corp, the. The Trail Way bus station which was segregated I went to the counter; the police came because I was trying to get a hamburger.” Said Robert Barfield, Senior Vice Commandant

Barfield Says he’s thankful for how far we’ve come as a country.

“Things have changed for the better and, I’m thankful to God for that.” Said Barfield.


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