Candidates in race for governor visiting Lauderdale county

The governor’s election is coming up in November, which means candidates are traveling throughout the state, including here to Lauderdale county. Republican candidate Bill Waller recently spoke at the monthly Lauderdale County Republican Women’s Meeting at Weidmann’s. “The Main reason is because of the issues in the state, and I felt like they weren’t being adequately addressed among the candidates. With my skill set, I think it’s unique among the candidates, so, I wanted to see if the people wanted to hire me. I would love to serve and try to make Mississippi a better place,” said Waller.

Serving as Chief Justice for twenty-one years, he also served in the National Guard for thirty years and did twenty years in private law practice. He says a main focus area would be on the state’s roads and bridges. “Well, 1987 was our last Highway Program, and we’ve got state roads that are closed, bridges that are posted, we’ve got many that need to be repaired, and three-quarters of our road structures are either fair or in poor condition. So, if we don’t take some steps to do an aggressive highway program, then we’re going to really be in some trouble.”

Waller hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps, who served as Mississippi governor from 1972-1976. “A republican governor is essential with a republic house and a republican senate to be able to get things done. Having run in Lauderdale county through the supreme court in ’96, 2004, 2012, I think the people know me and have respect for me. I think I can be elected as the republican that we need to have in the governor’s office in November.” The election is November 5th with the Primary being August 6th.

All candidates in the race are as follows:


Robert Foster, Tate Reeves, William Waller


Michael Brown, William Bond Compton, Jim Hood, Robert Ray, Robert Shuler Smith, Gregory Wash, Phillip West, Velesha Williams, Albert Wilson

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