Lauderdale County School District receives STEM grant

The Lauderdale County School District has received one-hundred and twenty thousand dollars from the Mississippi Department of Education to be invested into STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering and math.


“A large percentage of jobs now: in today’s world require science technology engineering math more of that, so we want our students to be prepared for the job market, for what their facing in the future, job opportunities and so we need to provide, we need to change the way we teach.” Said Cheryl Thomas, curriculum director.


With the grant money received the school district will be brining additional innovative technologies in classrooms.


“Things that we’re getting with the grant are some media equipment, we’re getting computers for our science teachers, we’re getting new equipment for their room, interactive boards, we’re getting iPads, robots, that can be used in our science classrooms and computer science programs in seventh and eight grade 3-d printers which we have some of but not a lot.” Said Cheryl Thomas, curriculum director.



Thomas says she received additional help in getting this grant written.


“I have to stress that everything is a team effort, I do nothing by myself. Everything we do whether it be apply for grants or enhance programs and look at curriculum it’s all a team effort we have fabulous teachers in our district.” Said Cheryl Thomas, curriculum director.

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