Leadership Lauderdale has twenty-six graduates



The Annual Leadership Lauderdale graduation took place at the MSU Riley Center and graduates have taken on a pledge to better assist the community needs; after successfully completing a one-year course. Participants learn how to understand their local community and are informed about the resources available.


“My most important message for the graduates is what I concluded with it is to believe in the people that believe in you, sometimes we lack the self-confidence: maybe some insecurities that hinder us from reaching our potential but there are those that support us, that love us, and believe in us and if you don’t believe in yourself at lease believe in the people that believe in you.” Said Andre Heath, guest speaker.


Aaron Windham says he learned about the value of using resources available in the community.

“Just by learning about the community but also making connections in the community and learning which leaders are part of the different organizations those just type of connections really help you learn where you can help and where they can help you. “Said Aaron Windham


Lee Williams says he has now learned how to better assist the needs of the community. 


“I can be a better person in the community by going through the seven habits of highly effective people by Steven Coby, he taught us how we can change our perspective on the way we look at things and how we perceive and look at the outcome to be differently.” Said Lee Williams



Laura Hester says team work was one of the best learning experiences in the Leadership Lauderdale program.


“I had the privilege of working with a group of wonderful individuals who choose a project to give back to a local school, West Hills Elementary, we had the pleasure of getting books together throughout the course of the year from many, many volunteers to staff.” Said Laura Hester.

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