West Lauderdale students showcase art pieces.



West Lauderdale Elementary gifted Students used their imaginations and shared stories by way of art. It was all found inside the Meridian Museum of Art during the Annual Musing With The Master’s Art exhibit.


“It builds self-esteem and community awareness of things like STEM which is science and technology, engineering, art, and math; exhibits that we have and projects like that and incorporates visual arts and sciences for the parents and the kids and the community.” Said  Mary Goldman, West Lauderdale gifted teacher.


West Lauderdale students displayed confidence about their artistic ambitions.


“I made an underwater monster because I love water and water is better than land to me, and he’s part mermaid, part land animal because he has a mermaid tail, but he also has a regular tail."Said, Mackenzie Russell ,fourth grade gifted student.


“I wanted to create something called Netflix and pop tarts, and I like popcorn, so I made it where it is a Netflix and popcorn. "Said Caleb McAlister, third grade gifted student.


Students were faced with some challenges when trying to assemble their art pieces.


“I was trying to color the cardboard black, but I found out that didn’t work, so I used a black piece of paper for the screen on Netflix.”McAlister said.


West Lauderdale teachers believe the exhibit is nothing more than a task that helps students in their curriculum.


“They need to be a challenged; they need something out of the box and something different to reach their minds and direct them to go into different careers.” Caleb Mcalister third grade gifted student.  Said  Mary Goldman, West Lauderdale gifted teacher.


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