Northeast High School senior plans to compete in a track competition hosted in Australia.

MERIDIAN, Miss (WGBC) - Shaun Cosby found his love for track and field at the beginning of high school.


“It was originally just; I’m going tot try out it was my ninth-grade year, I did ok, and it went where I was  a freshmen, and we did regional's and lost by there by a couple of inches, and then I planned to quit in 10th grade and try out for baseball, my mom said no you did good.” Said Shaun Cosby Northeast High School track athlete.



 Cosby's hard work in athletics will take him to The Down Under Sports Track & Field Competition in Australia this summer.


“What I’m going to try to do is, I’m going to only take control, but try to help influence the  other people in their throws and things like that, we’ll all teach each other our tricks and help our throws get better and balance, I know  for some people it’ll be there first time out of the country and first time traveling, so I’ll try to comfort them.” Said Shaun Cosby Northeast High School track athlete.


The trip will cost Cosby a hefty Five- Thousand Dollars that has to be raised, and Cosby has already received a love offering from the community.


“I have had friends donate, family donate, different things like that, I sell T-shirts, as well as Lauderdale County,  has been generous to donate me money." Said Shaun Cosby Northeast High School track athlete. 


Cosby says he is nervous about the competition but has confidence he and his team will do well.


“It is a little bit of weight because I am representing Mississippi, and I’m representing our school, our school district and everything else. Said Shaun Cosby Northeast High School track athlete.



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