Local businesses attend crime prevention meeting




Business owners in Meridian are working in conjunction with Meridian police to fight against potential crime that could cost them hundreds of dollars.


“Many eyes can see a whole lot where just one set of eyes, you’ re not seeing everything, so if you’ re working together as a team; we can come up with different solutions for any kind of problem that might be going on.” Said Teresa Cranmore Squealers BBQ owner.


Squealers Restaurant owner Teresa Cranmore says her business once suffered from a criminal act.  


“There were two young men that came up on my back patio, and they were trying to come in our back door, luckily one of our employees saw it.” Said Teresa Cranmore Squealers BBQ owner.


Now businesses are consulting with law enforcement and have planned monthly meetings to ensure their businesses will stay on alert.


“We discussed more on how to secure your business structure, if there is any area that poses a way inside your business; it’s considered a weak point.” Said Lieutenant Rita Jack, Meridain Police Officer.


Business owners also learned that sometimes the criminals aren't always internal, but sometimes can be external too.


“Employees embezzle the property or inventory, or whether it be cash or merchandise and convert the property to their own personal use, so we want to increase the awareness.” .” Said Lieutenant Rita Jack, Meridain Police Officer.



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