Barber School in Meridian has an increase in enrollment.

For more than thirty years,  Arlanders Marscell  Cole, Sr. has been cutting hair; He says he fell in love with the clippers when he was just 14 years old.


 “When I was young, my mom use to cut my hair, and all my friends use to laugh at me because she cut my hair, so I went home and said mom, I don’t want you to cut my hair anymore, and she said: well you cut it yourself.” Said Arlanders Cole Sr, Owner of Cole’s Barber School.

 Not only does Cole share his skill behind the chair, but also in the classroom:In addition to the barber shop, Cole also started a barber school that provides training and licensing to future barbers.


 “I teach the fundamentals of barbering, I teach the history of barbering, I teach the process of barbering, and it’s not just about cutting hair, it’s about being a professional barber making somebody happy.” .” Said, Arlanders Cole Sr, Owner of Cole’s Barber School.



The students all had their reasons for wanting to learn.


"I worked 12-16 hours a day and now doing this I’ll have the freedom to be the mom and the wife I wanted to be." Said Whitney Wyatt, Cole’s Barber School  student.


 “I was tired of trying to get someone to cut my son’s hair, so I decided to do it myself.” Said Danyale Cavanaugh, Cole’s Barber School student.


Wendy Wyatt, a student at the school,  says once she graduates in May, she will not only work a job that she loves, but also have more time for those most important to her.


 “Cosmetology was my first choice, and I went a whole different direction.” Said Whitney Wyatt,Cole’s Barber School student.



 Cole says he teaches students life lessons in becoming a barber that will help them in their future career.


 “When somebody comes to sit in your chair, and they say; I want a bald fade, or I want a tape or I want this or want that: before you even do it, you need to visualize it on that person’s head already, you need to have it in your mind.” Said Arlanders Cole Sr, Owner of Cole’s Barber School.



Students have practice runs to help improve in their hair-cutting capabilities.


 “That’s how they get their practice learning how to cut hair on walk-ins people that walk in.” Said Arlanders Cole Sr, Owner of Cole’s Barber School.



 These lessons have helped Cole’s students win The Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show.


 “It humbled me and made me realize that pursuing something that I actually love, cutting hair, it really made me proud of myself. ” Said Delandrick Brown, Cole’s Barber School student.


 “I went blank, really I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t think I was going to win.” Said Albert Hudson, Cole’s Barber School student. 

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