The Meridian Public School District launches a community link up.

Various local organizations gathered in the Meridian City Hall auditorium during the first annual community link-up, hosted by The Meridian Public School District.


 This workshop informed parents and students about the many services that are offered in Meridian.


 “We expanded the toolbox of the support staff in the Meridian Public School District. The support staff consists of our counselors, behaviors counselors, and we just felt like let's bring everybody together; let them all share what services that they provide: what we have access to in our community and how it can benefit us. “ Said, Deidre Bland, drop out specialist for Meridian Public Schools.


 “We had Care Lodge, Camp Destiny, Youth Challenge, we’ve had a branch of the military, we’ve had an array of communities.” Said, Deidre Bland,drop out a specialist for Meridian Public Schools


 Over  27 community non-profits were present during the link-up event. 


“We are thankful and appreciative for all the support that we had, basically; all these agencies that are in this community came to one location, and they shared with everyone that serves in our school district and also families what it is that they can do to help strengthen the family, and also support the students that we serve.”



Partners in this linkup hope to create paths for future leaders.


 "We provide educational opportunities, we provide literacy opportunities, and we do a lot of educational travel, and it’s just a great opportunity for a young person who wants to be a leader to be equipped with the tools needed.“ Said Terrence Roberts.


 “This is a great opportunity to come together with like-minded organizations and talk about partnership and opportunities.” Said Jerome Trahan Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience marketing director.






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