Ross Collins engineering students are placed first in tournament.

Ross Collins engineering students are on a path to a mechanical engineering career after winning first place in a competition called Seaperch


"My team won because I pushed them to the limits a lot, our work environment is great. We joke around we laugh, but at the same time, we have team values. We know how to work together; we have to be able to work together, and in pressuring situations your leader has to be able to lead you, and that’s something that this Ross Collins team has, as a good leader.” Said Devontae Hunter mechanical engineering student.


The win also comes courtesy of their education at Ross Collins.


“It’s one of the many activities that they really enjoy, and they push me, they push me to make them better, to make myself better to be able to teach them more things.” Said, Marti Pulido

engineering instructor.


This accomplishment came after competing in a task that Seaperch had required.


“We had to figure out a way to keep the motors from getting wet,so we came up with wax. Wax is water resistant, and we put it in a cyclone cube, and we put the wax in it and then  put the motor inside of it, and close it off and ran the wire through it, so that was just how we did the motors.” Said Devontae Hunter mechanical engineering student.


The robot created by the team has several skills.


“Under water, it should be able to move at an angle of 360. It can spin around turn left, turn right,it descends and ascends, so it does a lot of things you can manipulate it as much as you want to as much as you can manipulate a remote control car.” Said Devontae Hunter mechanical engineering student.


The team will continue to carry the pride of being the best mechanical engineers.


“It makes me feel so achieved that all my hard work is paying off, like  my team is so happy, and they’ re so cheerful that we won first place, We’ re like, its not necessary the placing just going to compete is everything to us.”Said, Marisol Garcia mechanical engineering student.

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