County celebrating 3.5 million dollar bond for I-20/59 Industrial Park Project




At the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting, the supervisors took time to acknowledge the now 3.5-million-dollar bond that will allow the I-20/59 Industrial Park project to be completed.

“We need jobs. We need jobs, and with us making this park shovel ready, then a potential industry can come and visualize his company sitting right here,” said District 2 Supervisor Wayman Newell.

Workers are currently doing various jobs to have the nearly 400 acre piece of land ready by the end of the year.

With the wetland permit being up in November, this project is set to be finished in October. However, Newell says the contractor told him that the contractor told him that, depending on the weather, it could be finished as early as August.


“Some of the park, or most of the park, is in a flood zone. What we did was we pulled it to clean the timber off of it, which we got the money for the timber being cut. The people that got the bid to dig the stumps, move the dirt, and so forth are out here now,” said Newell. Previously, the county received 84,000 from the timber cut on this land before bids were placed for the project.

“When they get through with it, I’m not going to say the next day, but within weeks, maybe we’ll have a potential industry person looking at this property,” said Newell. “After that, hopefully people will choose Lauderdale county in Mississippi.”

According to Newell, the park can potentially bring 1200 to 1800 jobs.



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