Local business looking to represent Mississippi one bar of soap at a time


In a small cottage in Meridian, one woman is using her hands to provide one product that every household needs. Mississippi Made is a business that has been around for twenty years, and for the past year and a half, this woman has been using her retirement to make soap for homes across the Southeast and even places as far as Alaska.

“Today, we’re going to do Sweet Cotton. It goes in stages, so what I’m doing today is mixing the soap to pour into the mold,” said soap maker Fay Alexander as she began the process of making a batch of soap.

The woman who owns the business, Nan Casciaro, hired Alexander after visiting her place of work, delivering some of her products. “Ms. Nan started teaching me after I retired from the Welcome Center.  I came down in October of 2017. She said, ‘just come down and see what we do, you might want to help me a few days.’ I’ve been here ever since,” said Alexander. 


All of their soaps begin with a basic soap recipe that is then mixed with Lye flakes, other oils, and, of course, the scent of the soap. Once the mixture comes to a puddling-like state, it’s then poured into a pan where it’s to sit for 24-48 hours. After setting, the block is then taken out and sliced into bars. One block makes fifteen bars of soap. Alexander says while this is a small business, it can actually do a lot for the state of Mississippi as a whole.

“There are things going on that a lot of people don’t

 already know about, but when they see the things that are being done here, I think you get a greater appreciation for how wonderful this state is.” Mississippi Made sells around 1,200 bars of soap each month, along with a range of other products. For more information on their products, call them at 601-483-4683.





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