Neighborhood watch expands in Meridian.

The Meridian Police Department is continuing to recruit crime stoppers during monthly neighborhood watch meetings.


“The Department has brought about a renewed effort, we have as many as 4-5 groups that have actually started to meet.” Said Lieutenant Rita Jack.


According to Lieutenant Jack, 4 to 5 neighborhood watch groups are active and come together by bringing important matters to the table.


“We have an agenda, not only do we have an agenda, we have speakers who come out and speak on the issues that are relevant to each neighborhood, every neighborhood is unique in their own way.”Said Lieutenant Rita Jack.


It’s not just crime that watch groups are concerned about but also hazards found in the neighborhood.


“The Tuxedo neighbors in the Tuxedo area, their concerns right now are the structures, dilapidated structures, burned houses, some road work that needs to be done and these issues have been brought to the attention of the city, and several city officials.”Said Lieutenant Rita Jack.


Lieutenant Jack adds how there are many responsibilities as a law enforcement officer, but neighbors help by bringing the attention of the unnoticed.


“Police patrol an area, but you know: it is unlikely they will see something abnormal if it’s not crime,and it may be something else: that’s what the neighbors in the neighborhood watch group do.”Said Lieutenant Rita Jack.


And with continued collaboration, law enforcement and neighbors can assure a safer community.


We want the public to understand, the only way we can work together, is if we do it in a cooperative effort, and that is not only reporting crime and report issues to the appropriate authorities.”Said Lieutenant Rita Jack.




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