LEMA and Emergency crews clean up after an oil spill.

The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency is cleaning up after an early morning oil spill at North Folk Southern. Five to six  thousand gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the ground and into  some drainages around five this morning.


A small portion was reported to have entered the Sowashee Creek and the product has been contained.


The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency along with other emergency officials responded quickly to the scene and spent hours cleaning up the spill.


“The product is contained, and we expect a full clean up over the next several days, what’s happening behind me right now is the products contained on the waterways with the booms that are stretched across the stream, and then, they are sucking the product up out of the waterway with a vacuum.” Said LEMA Director John Wiliamson.

Officials with LEMA also say there aren't any safety concerns at this moment.


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