Clarkdale Middle School students learn how to design video games.



Students at Clarkdale Middle School are advancing in their cyber technology class by learning how to create basic computer video games.


“They learn how to put basic colors on the screen, squares on the screen, and then: gradually, week by week, lesson by lesson. We add a little bit in each time and build their knowledge, so it got to the point where they could move their characters on the screen, and now they’re learning how to move their characters into other characters on the screen.”


One 8th grader at Clarkdale says his attitude completely changed after taking this course.


“I thought it was going to be hard because you have computers and all the new stuff, and we had to figure it out, and we’ve never done anything like that before.”


According to Moffett, this course is just an introduction to video gaming, and students don’t have a reason to get discouraged.


“In class, the students are working on basic video games; nothing is crazy as Halo or anything really detailed like that. Their basic video games and what you would see if the internet games goes out, you have a little dinosaur that hopes over the cactus's.”


Loryn Kinsey Rainer is one student that looks forward to taking the cyber technology class at Clarkdale.


“I’ve learned many skills as far as like computer technology, being able to create my own thing out of nothing, and it’s like it’s a helpful skill to be able to know how to just to be able to do it.”


Moffett says courses like these are important and should be offered more often in schools.


"As far as cyber foundations goes, technology is everywhere, so students need knowledge of technology, so the typing helps them with the typing skills in the future, they need to learn how to use word processing and spreadsheets data basses things of that nature but with the coding it really just opens up a new world for a lot of the students .”


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