Northeast Elementary students and teachers participate in "Move to Learn".

Making time for brain breaks is something education experts find beneficial to students.


“What brain breaks do is, they give children and teachers an opportunity to get up and recharge the brain. “


Today, personnel with The Mississippi Department of Education; demonstrated different exercising routines to the students and teachers at Northeast Elementary: as a part of “Move To Learn”; a program put into place 7 years ago.


“Some of the movements are just simple as arm waves, some of the movement may be squats, some of the movements may be running into place, jumping jacks, those moves can be modified particularly for children who have special needs. Those kids that can’t and are able and are willing to do it then it’s all inclusive for every child.”


"Move To Learn is meant to give kids the break to re-energize and then get back to the work at hand."


“Some teachers have said that they use it right before lunch, well they’ve indicated that in some cases those students when they do go to lunch, they tend to eat more; because they’ve burned more calories: some other teachers have said that they use it right before testing. It’s a way of creating that motivation and that positive energy prior to testing, but they’re other teachers who use move to learn on cold rainy days.”


The school nurse believes it is necessary to bring this kind of activity inside the classrooms.


“I think you know; you can get into the classroom just as adults, when we’re in meetings you get kind of zoned out or you’re just focusing so much that you really need a break, you’re brain needs a break  your body needs a break, you need to get up and get the adrenaline moving again, it gets your brain back focused on education. “


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