Volunteers help repair damaged home.



 Volunteers and officials with Mennonite Disaster Services came to town to begin reconstruction of a tornado damaged home.


“ People that are involved in a disaster are in a tough situation, and It’s just a way for us to share the love with the people  that are experiencing a disaster, and more often we get blessed more than the blessing that we give others.”


Volunteers hope to relieve some stress from the homeowners.


“I believe the house will get renovated as far as the wiring and the walls on the inside, sheet rock and such, so it’ll be a total renovation.”


Watching the house be repaired brings back memories of the day the storm came through.


“A big tree knocked out all my windows out on the back and then the rest of it. The wind blew  the top off of my house.”


Survivors say they had to act quickly..


“We got in the bathroom, we got in the tub, and that was the only thing that saved us because the whole top fell through all of a sudden.”


Now volunteers are putting a more durable roof on that house that can stand winds better than the previous one.


“It was a flat roof, usually which usually are pretty reliable but we decided to put a gabled roof on with tin, and that should be there for a while, for hopefully longer than it will be needed probably, I would say easily 30 years.”


And everyone is grateful for all the work being done.


“It’s so great to have my home fixed, and I really appreciate it.”


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