Bonita Lake Mall Shoppers make plans for 2019.


The countdown begins as we enter the year 2019, and several residents in Meridian have already mapped out their new year resolutions.


I’m just going to continue on doing what I’ve been doing, and I have to work tonight, so it’s nothing big or special, all of my partying days are over with.”


 Strevech also says one resolution that he will carry is serving in the community.


 “I’m going to try to give back more my time, mainly. The way the hard times are now, it’s just mostly you can give back time, and that’s what I’m going to try to do; try to give back more time.”


 Vergil Dabry says he is hoping for nothing but good health in the year 2019.


 “It’s been kind of bumpy, I’ve had tubes running out of me here staples in here, I had leg vein problems in 2018, and I don’t have the leg problems anymore. I still have the tube, and I’m praying that the tubes will be removed in 2019.”


To some, New Years means staying connected with loved ones.


“I plan on having a bigger and better blessed year with my family and friends and getting to go out and visit more of my family this year.”


Some approach the new year thankful of accomplishments from 2018.

“In 2018, I lived in an apartment, and now I live in a house, and I’m planning on moving into a bigger house."



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