Arby's in Meridian and Big Brothers, Big Sisters plan a visit from Santa.

With Christmas right around the corner, Arby’s in Meridian has partnered with Big Brothers, Big Sisters; which is a youth organization that pairs children with adult role models


  This year children will get a special visitor that only comes once a year.


  “Children actually come up to Santa they actually sit on his lap, the elves actually help, and they actually have a preset list in their head exactly what they actually want and; when they convey that over to Santa, he writes it down and you know per say he tries to fulfill what their desires and wishes are.”


 There will be plenty of fun activities too for kids waiting in line to meet Santa.


   “We actually will have an activity table and we actually will have ornaments that they actually will color and put glitter on, and cut out and then, we actually have ornament hangers for them to come over and put those on the tree with their name.”


 Seaman also says employees will play a role too.


   “The Santa is actually one of our employees and then myself, I will actually be the elf, we actually have a workshop table where they actually come and make ornaments and stuff like that, so I’ll be helping with that.”


 Seaman also adds that the employees enjoy seeing children with smiling faces.


 “It provides a fulfillment to us as we actually are not only helping the Big Brothers, Big Sisters, but seeing that children gather and come here and actually have smiles on their faces, it actually helps the parents as well, it actually brings enlighten to them."



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