Purchase of Old Police Station to be terminated




“They need to be able to pay for the building initially and have the resources to update and upgrade that building into something Meridian can be proud of.” -Fannie Johnson, City Council, Ward 3


With litigation in the sale process of the Old Police Station on 5th Street to Lyons Investments, the council has now decided to authorize the termination of the purchase.


“There’s some litigation going on and some complications with the sale process, and there were other people who were apparently interested in the situation, but everything that’s going on has to be re-evaluated and looked into again. For anybody interested in the next few months or weeks or however long it takes us to make sure the process is appropriate this time, that the old police station may be up or will be up for sale again.” -Johnson


While it was to be turned into a brewery, Councilwoman Johnson says that whoever is to purchase the building, has to be willing to invest much more than the purchase price in order to put forth economic growth in Meridian.


“When the council first realized we were being asked to sell this building, it was March 1st when we got our agenda packet that said that Lyon Investments wanted to purchase it. Well, it turns out, there had been previous conversations with the EMBDC, even Gregg Harper, the congressman’s field representative, had been in these conversations, and it told other people who were interested in the property that it wasn’t for sell or that there was already a buyer.” -Weston Lindemann, City Council, Ward 5


Councilwoman Johnson says there are different processes for purchasing different types of commercial buildings within the city. She says while there may be a purchasing price of around $60,000, the buyer must be willing to put forth much more in investing into it. In the contract, she says, the buyer is not allowed to simply purchase the building and then not do anything with it.

“Now that this litigation has been filed, it’s basically an appeal of the building’s sale to ask the court to decide whether or not the city sold it legally. It was always my position that we did not sell it legally.” -Lindemann

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