Local man and city council discuss allegations made by city employees

One local man, Tommy Williams, came before the council during the city council meeting on Tuesday to discuss issues he believes he is finding with city employees not being happy and some being favorited over others.


“Having run a company with a couple hundred employees, I’m perhaps overly sensitive to the employee aspect of any business. So, those types of things I knew were bad for any operation. Unhappy employees are one of the worst things you can have.” -Williams


Williams says a few city employees that he knows have been telling him how they have not been treated fairly, have left, and have even been fired. Councilman Weston Lindemann has been sharing similar stories over the past few months and says there’s a lot of credibility to Williams’s claims due to Williams speaking with several council members on the issue.


 “People who are dealing with the city’s rental facilities, which we know there have been problems with money being exchanged under the table, rentals being kept off the books… the people familiar with that are all getting paid about $10,000 more than the other program supervisors who work at, like, the Meridian Activity Center. It all points to sort of a cover up. It’s like people are being

encouraged to not do the right thing, and if you are one the employees who stick around, you don’t leave to go get a job elsewhere, but you’re interested in doing the right things, you’re often given a hard time, maybe forced to quit, or eventually you’re just moved to a different department out of the way so you can’t really communicate with other employees as well.” -Councilman Weston Lindemann


However, City Council President Tyrone Johnson says there has been corporation with the administration. “When it comes to the administration, I say, yes, they have been working with us to address some of these issues that people are bringing to our attention.” -Johnson

Johnson says he has heard these claims as well but that there will have to be trust between the administration and the council in order for things to be moved forward.

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