Puppet Arts Theatre performs in Meridian

The Temple Theatre in Meridian hosted some performers with no strings attached... Well, sort of.  The Puppet Arts Theatre performed their production of "Peter and the Wolf" earlier today in two performances. This well-known story is brought to life with 8 almost-life-size puppets along with a real life narrator. The Puppet Arts Theatre travels all over the state of Mississippi to bring together audiences of all ages.

"The puppets make magic because if you remember when we were younger, we used to play with dolls. But now we are using those dolls as puppets, and now it brings the memories out from our childhood. That's for the adults, but for the kids it's still like playing with dolls." -Peter Zapletal, puppeteer

Zapletal is a five-time Emmy award- winning puppeteer, and the company makes its own puppets.



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