Burglary arrest

Twenty- three year old Nick Edward Lovell Jr. has been arrested on a burglary charged that happened earlier this month. There was originally a police report made by a woman who had her purse and everything that was in the purse, stolen. The woman who filed the report notified authorities that she knew the man she claimed to have taken her purse because he had done work at her house before. She claims he stopped by to ask about a truck to see if it was for sale, and he also asked for a cup of coffee. She went inside to make the cup of coffee, and when she came back out she noticed Lovell was gone and that her purse that had been hanging on the door was missing. The authorities obtained surveillance footage of Lovell Jr. using the victim's credit card in a neighboring county and were able to obtain a warrant, Lovell Jr. has been released on a $25,000 bond, and this case will be delivered to the Grand Jury for their consideration.



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