NAS Meridian holds safety exercises.

This afternoon there were two training exercises at NAS Meridain.


Joshua Bright, the security chief said, “the exercises today were an integrated exercise with fire and security.”


The first exercise entailed a group of protesters, who were chanting outside the front of the naval station base.


“We did a protest drill earlier, for response of a patrolman to deal with a protest, at the main gate, and then we moved into a tornado drill, which is in conjunction with the region wide, citadel gale, exercise for a response to a hurricane.”


The exercises were a test for the nas communication team.


 He says, “Communication is always a challenging thing for us, because we communicate through a dispatch center  in Jacksonville, Florida.  and they have to talk to the dispatch center here in Meridian or Lauderdale, and it  seemed to work out fairly well.”





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