Tabbotha Adams Jones runs for city council, Ward 2


Meridian native Tabbotha Adams Jones has joined the list of candidates running for the Ward 2 city council seat. 


“I want to take my city back.  I want to take the young people back to the community I knew growing up,” said Adams Jones. 


If elected to city council, one of her plans is to turn the former Witherspoon Elementary School into a trade school. 


“Everybody is not born for college.  We have students that’s riding around the neighborhoods that are good artists.  Let’s give them a way with their art.  They may be good singers or drama students, or they may be awesome with their hands like me.  I started off at Jackson State, but when I got there, I realized I was great at being a stylist.  My father gave me $1,500 to start my own business. I haven’t looked back,” said Adams Jones. 


She also plans to create a safe-haven for children.   


“I want our community to be more neighborly.  I want us to be a more communicative service neighborhood.  I want to see community gardens,” said Adams Jones


She explained why residents should vote for her. 


 “All this started my life right here in Ward 2.  I am a product of this community wholeheartedly.  I went to school here.  I raised my children here.  I’m going to put the love back in my community that my community has put in me.”

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