Kemper-Neshoba Jail undergoes re-accreditation audit


The Kemper-Neshoba Regional Correctional Facility has received high scores from the American Correctional Association following a recent audit.  


“The process includes a number of factors.  It includes a tour of the facility.  We interview staff.  We interview inmates, and we look at about 525 standards,” said ACA Chairperson Nancy Bailey. 


The correctional facility was in 100 percent compliance with meeting mandatory standards and scored a 99.3 percent in meeting non-mandatory standards. 


“That is really a fantastic score.  They did a great job.  It’s a very clean facility.  It’s a very safe facility,” said Bailey. 


This means a likely renewal of accreditation for the jail, which houses 430 inmates.  The ACA Commission will soon make the final decision. 


“It’s a weight lifted off.  The employees here have worked tremendously hard and long hours.  We were here until two this morning to ensure that our files were right and everything was done.  So, we really feel great,” said Kemper County Sheriff James Moore.   


ACA auditors made one recommendation, however, for the jail to provide more inmate programs.


“Education, alcohol anonymous, drug programs, release readiness to go back out into the community.  That’s our goal: to get [them] back into the community and get [them] in a position to stay there,” said Bailey.   


An ACA accreditation lasts for three years.  Sheriff Moore said residents are welcome to tour the jail.     


“Our doors are open every day for the general public to come unannounced.  If we don’t have a lot of stuff going on, we would love to give them a tour to show them exactly what we do and how we operate our jail.  This jail is Kemper county’s jail.  It’s the community’s jail.”


The Kemper-Neshoba Regional Correctional Facility has been accredited since it first opened in 2002. 

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