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Self-defense instructor shares safety tips for dangerous situations

November 10, 2016


Danger can strike at any moment, and taking precaution could save your life.  David Carr, who teaches karate and self-defense classes, is helping the community prepare for the worst.  He gives tips on how to be safe at all times… like when you’re walking to your car.


“Once you scan the parking lot and you make sure that there is no one suspicious standing around, go to your car.  Make sure you have your keys in your hand.  Don’t be singly focused on your door.  Don’t have your telephone in your hand talking to people or texting people.  Be aware of who’s in the back seat, hopefully no one.  Once you get in, lock your car immediately.  Don’t sit in your car a long time after that.”


To prevent home burglaries, Carr recommends keeping all doors and windows locked and having an alarm system.  But what if you’re in a dangerous situation you couldn’t avoid?   Carr explains what to do…like if someone breaks into your home when you’re there.


“There are several places you could be.  You may be laying in your recliner or laying on your couch watching TV …you may be lying in bed.  You may be cooking super.  You have to have a plan for every situation.”


He says that if you’re in middle of a store robbery, the main thing is to stay alive.


“The best thing to do is compliance.  Whatever he says to do, lay down on the floor, don’t look up, do it.  Because you never know, this guy may be crazy and if he sees you looking up or trying to do something stupid, you’re shot.”


For mass shootings, he says to assess the situation and do what’s best. 


“If you’re close to an exit, exit.  Try to get out of the way, in a corner.  It may be that you just lay on the ground and stay motionless.  That may be the safest thing to do depending on the situation.”

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