Humana insurance agents ready to assist local customers

Insurance agents that work for Humana, a private health insurance company that offers individual, group, and Medicare plans, are now located in Meridian. 


“It’s a great place to be because you can in day go a lot of places from here,” said Eva Sue McAdams, one of the agents.


Today during a ribbon cutting ceremony at the EMBDC, the agents gave a brief overview of the services that Humana provides.


“We like to do a lot of things like educating people to be healthier.  We do things from prevention of cancer to helping manage your diabetes, so we really provide a lot, especially when it’s about being healthier,” said McAdams.


She explained that Humana will help customers avoid some of the mistakes commonly made when signing up for Medicare.


“When you first get into Medicare, you have some options that you take at that time.  If you don’t take them at that time, you could be penalized for the rest of your life.  A lot of people don’t realize that.  One is drug coverage.  If you don’t pick up drug coverage at a certain time, you could be penalized for the rest of your life.  And another is Medicare Part B.  You can get a big penalty if you don’t get it at the right time.”


She added that the agents are ready to assist all local customers.


“I just love doing my job.  The main thing is I go wherever you want me to go.  So if it’s your kitchen table, I go there.  A few people like me to meet them in public; I do that.  It’s more like one-on-one and us discussing where you are and where do you need to go.”


To get in contact with the Humana insurance agents, you can call 662-574-2897. 



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