Meridian City Council approves a resolution to request the DOJ to investigate the case surrounding t

A spokeswoman for US Attorney Mike Hurst tells Twin States News, exclusively, the Department of Justice can neither confirm nor deny a request to reopen the Christian Andreacchio death investigation has been received.

This comes as the Meridian City Council votes four to one in favor of asking the DOJ to come in to investigate the way the 2014 case was handled.

Council members and Andreacchio’s family all hope this will help get to the bottom of some unanswered questions.

WESTON LINDEMANN: “The council has been discussing this issue in the past. We’ve heard from the family of the victim, we’ve heard from supporters of the family, and we believe that the case probably was’nt handled correctly and that we would at least like to know if nothing else, that where the city of Meridian failed, we need to do better with moving forward and give the DOJ the opportunity to come in broadly and investigate this. The way our police department’s running, once you invite them, they kind of, you know, run the show. So they get to decide how broad their investigation is, if they even come to Meridian. So, we welcome any investigation into these types of issues.”

RAE ANDREACCHIO: “It was very emotional. I was surprised, I mean, people were crying, I was crying, because I think you don’t get your hopes up that there will be anything to come of any of this, because we’ve been told so many times somebody was going to help us or something was going to happen and then they backout or there’s an excuse. So, it was very emotional, because I know there’s no guarantees that anything will be done, it’s still hope. We haven’t really had a lot of that lately and so, we did feel like we had a win today”