Meridian High School students were in for a life reality check

It’s not too early for ninth grade students at Meridian High School to start planning for their future. Today students were taught about life survival skills and the importance of going off to college.

“We’re trying to teach financial responsibility to the students. We want students to know how much it cost each month to support themselves. We want to promote higher education, the more money you make the more things that you can buy and purchase and support your family with each month,” said Holli Cobb, Meridian High School Counselor.

Students learned the principle of becoming more frugal when it comes to spending.

“I have to handle my money well when I get older because you can do anything with a job, but you have to handle it a certain way. You can’t just throw money up in the air, you have to use the money for a good cause,” said Kiersten Hampton, Meridian High School student.

This reality check has helped one student now as she is determined to further her education once completion of high school.

“I plan to become an anesthesiologist when I grow up,” said Hampton.