Rock Steady Boxing comes to Meridian

Anderson Health & Fitness Center is now the first in Meridian to offer Rock Steady Boxing, which is aimed at helping those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. “He had been driving over to Jackson three days a week, and we just talked about starting it, and I looked into the program and quickly became a believer. I have no regrets; it’s been an excellent program,” said General Manager, Adam Hodges. Wade Jones, who lives in Meridian, had been traveling to Jackson since January for this class after his Parkinson’s diagnosis a little over two years ago. “So, we all have different symptoms, and we all have a different pace based on where we are in our lives. So, when we hit the bags, or we do the CrossFit training, or we do our strength training, we all have a different pace,” said Jones.

The class works to improve various symptoms of Parkinson’s by doing exercises involving posture, core, balance, and voice activation. “It’s amazing. In as little as maybe two times, I can see changes in a lot of, we call them our boxers or athletes, but it’s centered on boxing, but we do a lot of functional movements,” said Hodges.

While they’re fighting away at their symptoms through kickboxing, they say the fight is really being won through unity. “The great the about it is, is we experience this common disease, and we support each other. That’s really what this is all about—the comradery,” said Jones. The class is offered three times a week and anyone with Parkinson’s interested in signing up can contact Anderson Health & Fitness Center at 601-553-6622.