The Carter Foundation has fourth Annual Stop the Violence basketball tournament

For the fourth year, The Carter Foundation designated a day of fun to promote unity in the community and awareness about stopping the violence during The Annual Stop the Violence Basketball Tournament.

“It gets a lot of attention because you got to think about it, we’re finding ways that we can relate. We’re finding ways that we can target violence through the youth. We have a lot of kids out here, kids like to use Snap Chat so they’re posting positivity on their Snap Chat. It makes kids want to come out and be a part of something positive,” said James Carter.

Youths from Clarke County, Kemper County, and Meridian participated in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

“I’ve been competing against a lot of good kids and stuff like that,” said Jederion Lewis.

Not only was good sportsmanship shared on the court, but a message given to youth to encourage others to end violence.

“What brought me out today was to help my community stop the violence and to all come together and help the community and try to help each other and build each other up to stop the violence,” said Symia Harbour

Organizers say the youth are our future, and it starts with building leadership now that they can carry with them for a lifetime.

“We want the kids to represent a brand, a different cause and show the kids that as adults we can all come together. We can ‘t expect unity from them if we can’t come together as adults,” Carter said.