City of Meridian repairs road

Tuesday, The City of Meridian announced a portion of North Hills Street would be paved, but that’s not the infrastructure changes residents can expect.

“I have another project it’s a joint venture between the city and county there’s a section of fifth street that a pact is in the process of overlaying. We did all the road prep work there was a lot of milling, what we call leveling courses sections,” said Hugh Smith, public works director.

Smith says a collaboration with city and county road work saves money. “It helps keep the overall cost of the project down where we would have been in the position to the milling financially, we were not in a position to do the overlaying and vice versa, if the county had to do both that would of lessen the amount of work they could done on other city streets,” said Hugh Smith, public works director.

Smith adds how with help from the county it allows for more projects to get done at a fraction of the cost. “It allows us to be more effective because we’re not having to shoulder that cost, it allows them the same attribute they’re not having to cover everything,” said Hugh Smith, Public Works director Smith also says the machinery that the city and county share on projects is a big help. 'When we come across those big projects, there’s a benefit with them from the city from the standpoint that they have equipment that’s more suited for that and then there’s some operations where we’re more suited in regard to the type of work that is being done,” said Hugh Smith, public works director.