Meridian Community College students prepare for the school year

The school semester for college students is approaching and Ivy League recruiters at Meridian Community College are getting in the new school year spirit.

“I’m over the top excited, I loved it my freshmen year coming from West Lauderdale and I got involved really early and that has just made me look forward to this even more,” said Tucker Atkinson.

” I’m super ready, I’ve been in anticipating the school year since it ended, I’ve been wanting to start,” said Pedro Gonzalez. School will start Monday August 19th and recruiters have messages for incoming students. “It takes hard work, and dedication, it’s really just a mindset you come in with the mindset that you want to be successful then you’re going to achieve success,” said Atkinson.

“Hard work coming to class attendance was most important about going to college doing everything that is necessary,” Gonzalez said Organizers hope to continue to set a positive atmosphere for incoming students. “We hear repeatedly from freshmen that MCC feels like a family, so students may show up and feel like they don’t a lot of people but we anticipate that with our 14-1 faculty to student ratio they’re going to fit right in, find where they belong and have help right away,” said Brandon Dewease, director of recruitment.