Little Caesar's raises money for The Mississippi Children's museum

Today, Little Caesar’s in Meridian helped raised money for the upcoming Mississippi Children’s Museum to be located on 22nd avenue.

Crazy bread at both Meridian locations sold for just two dollars today.

All proceeds will go directly towards The Children’s Museum.

The sale started at 10 this morning and will ended at ten pm.

The regular price for crazy bread with sauce typically sells for 3.99.

Customers that participated saved a few cents while helping support a good cause.

“Being from Meridian, my kids are being raised in Meridian. We want more opportunities for kids around the area and we want more opportunities for families to go and do something that is safe in a good clean environment and this is what the Mississippi Children’s Museum is known for. The one in Jackson is spectacular and we’re just hoping that the one they build here in Meridian is going to be 10 times better,“ said Chris Lyons area supervisor.