The Park at North Hills will soon close

Since 1976, the Goldman Family has had experience running family fun entertainment centers, and the last one in operation is The Park at North Hills in Meridian which will close next month.

“We’ve been doing this a long time and had a number of different locations across the country and the industry has obviously changed through the years,” said Edna Goldman.

The Goldman family has been successful in operating multiple family fun facilities across the country. “Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, probably several others,” said Edna Goldman.

Edna Goldman says she remembers starting the business as if it was yesterday.

“We had a family friend who began to build shopping centers, and he asked us to put in a game room in one of his shopping centers,” said Goldman. The Goldman’s say what made the Park at North Hills interesting was by it offering more attractions compared to previous arcades they operated.

“The main locations were simply an arcade, and this business offered all of the outside attractions that were fairly unique, and we got a lot of support from Meridian and surrounding areas. So it’s nice to see some different activities that we’re able to offer,” said Edna Goldman.

After running the business in Meridian for ten years, the family decided it was time to pull the plug.

“Meridian is not always the easiest place to open a business, so it’s always been challenging for us and we worked at it for 20 years hoping to be the success that we always wanted it to be, but after ten years we saw some success and a lot of challenges,” said Paul Goldman. Competition is on the rise with a new trampoline park and bowling alley coming to Meridian. Because of this the family decided it was time to retire from family attraction venues. “It’s hard to tell how much impact that would have on us, it’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t have a little bit of impact, but even a little impact would be a little tough,” said Paul Goldman.