Archusa Creek Park plans for Fourth of July celebration

Archusa Creek Park is planning ahead for this year’s Independence Day celebration set for July 3rd. “We have our annual fire work show every year on the third of July, we have a band playing from six to nine.” Said Gail, Buffington. The fireworks aren’t the only attractons to look for. According to Buffington, the annual boat parade is also a crowd pleaser.

“It’s $10.50 to launch your boat and then the cost to get in for the fireworks is $10 per car load this year, so they just load their car up.” Said Gail, Buffington. Park organizers say every year, boat owners continue to show off their creativity. “They put on lights and they decorate the boats, it’s a big event we’ve had for several years, we have lots of people that come out.” Said Gail, Buffington. Park personnel say there are no restriction’s for boat decoration creativity.

“You can come and decorate your boats with any whatever you want to decorate them with, lights flags, last year if I’m not mistaken we had about 15 to 20 boats and everybody enjoys that.” Said Gail, Buffington. The celebration doesn't stop there, but will continue with live music in the park. “Old house band is what they’re called, its made of Mike Johnson and he’s got several players in it, they do a good job, they play Gospel, Country, Hip-hop whatever just a mixture of everything, everybody they have it on the stage over there.” Said Gail, Buffington.