West Lauderdale Elementary has been recommended by the school district to have solar panels installe

The Lauderdale County School District could have solar panels as their energy source for West Lauderdale Elementary.

“We’re in the process of getting five thousand dollars to start the engineering phase of it ,to see where the panels may sit and how it may look on our campus and things like that; to decide the life of the project overall. Once that is approved, then they’ll start the process of actually implementing it.” Said, Elliot Brewer West Lauderdale Elementary principal.

This energy source change will end up saving the school thousands of dollars and make the school Eco-friendly.

“For a year’s worth of time, we’re looking at over around probably a hundred thousand dollars over for power in a year for our campus, and with this project we’ll be looking at zero dollars for a power bill over a year, so you’ll be looking at a hundred thousand dollars savings over the course of the first year, and you amplify that over the course of the life.” Said Elliot Brewer

Brewer says additional funding will be needed when constructing this project.

“It goes into another phase after we’ve accepted it to where the grant could give us up to anywhere to two-hundred to two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars to complete the project as a whole, and so I believe it should come at no cost to the district to make this transition.”Said, Elliot Brewer West Lauderdale Elementary principal

Brewer also says this change made to the school will also be unique to students who have an interest in STEM education.

“Science technology, math, that’s the way of the future, and so with us having the technology on site for the students to actually get to experience first had the benefits but also get to see it and potentially even manipulate it in some aspect it’s going to be quite awesome for us.” Said, Elliot Brewer West Lauderdale Elementary principal.